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Tele body - 2 piece Ash / Made in Japan

€ 295,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 3-5 werkdagen
Productcode JTE-2S
Productcode leverancier 47868

Tele model (made in Japan), 2 piece ash

This 50’s style two-piece swamp ash TE replacement body is simply of superb quality and is ideal for anyone wanting a classic body made from two pieces of swamp ash with a centre join. Made in Japan.
Made of highest quality swamp ash, this body alone is almost a guarantee for a great guitar. Made in Japan by the people who have been making these bodies and necks since the 1980's. Even though this body is of the highest quality wood, wood is still a natural product and the body you order, may look a bit different than the picture.
Before finishing this body, it only needs minor sanding. Neck holes, bridge mounting holes and through-body stringing holes are pre-drilled. The distance between the string through holes is 54mm. Other holes such as the ones needed for pickguard, strap buttons and control plate will need to be drilled.

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