JLD Bridge Doctor

€ 38,95 (including VAT 21%)
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Product code 252.536
Supplier product code 252.536

JLD GUITAR RESEARCH upgraded Bridge Doctor/tone enhancer

- screw-mount type (type 3-b on instruction sheet)
- spruce device to be permanently installed inside an acoustic guitar body to flatten bellied/raised soundboards
- requires drilling one screw through guitar bridge and top (no other modifications needed)
- installation takes about 30/45 minutes (depending on experience)
- suitable for 6- or 12-string guitars
- unique and easy solution for raised bridges!

please note: not one single guitar top is completely flat (if in doubt whether or not installing a Bridge Doctor, please consult a repairer)

If not used to flatten raised guitar tops, the JLD Bridge Doctor enhances/improves a guitar's volume, tone, and projection considerably and makes even inexpensive guitars sound better
Might make old and cheapo guitars in your attic playable again!

tools needed for installation:

- (electric) drill
- hand saw/tenon saw
- phillips head screwdriver
- 3/16" Allen wrench
- awl (priem)
- pliers
- pencil


JLD upgraded Bridge Doctor package includes:

- installation instructions
- five 6 mm inlay dots to cover the installed bridge screw (different materials and colours)
- 3/16" Allen wrench to adjust the wooden tension rod
- all mounting hardware 


- installing a JLD Bridge Doctor – 6.09 min. (BTN Music)




Should you feel unsure to install the Bridge Doctor yourself, we advise a

guitar builder or repairer to have the unit installed for you


For The Netherlands and Belgium you may consult/contact mister Willem de Roode (Bridge Doctor Expert) of Gitaarupgrade for more info or

"on the spot" installation: info@gitaarupgrade.nl


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