Ibanez/Chikyu double-edge nut-slotting files

€ 15,95 (including VAT 21%)
Delivery 1-2 werkdagen (zie keuzemenu)
Product code 252.4**
Supplier product code 252.4**

• durable line of of guitar and bass nut-slotting files
• very fine cutting edges
• files produce roundbottom slots
• files are cut on both edges
• total file length: 15 cm
• suitable for all nut materials (plastic, bone, brass, micarta, Graph Tech etc.)
• first choice for most guitarmakers, repairers, guitar factories and guitar shops

• files .009", .010", .011" and .013" may be reinforced with a narrow piece of metal or carbon for stability and better control
• when using the correct file-width, strings fit perfectly in their slots, without buzzing and therefore yielding full response for best tone
• "guitar", "bass/guitar" and "bass"are just indications: many variations in string gauge occur
• tail-end of file can be covered with Plasti Dip Multi-Purpose rubber coating for better grip and more control
• manufactured by Hiroshima Yasuri Files Corp. – Japan, since 1937

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