TonePros AVR2G System-II tune-o-matic bridge

€ 79,40 (including VAT 21%)
Delivery 1-2 werkdagen
Product code 231.19*
Supplier product code 231.19*

- exact replica of Gibson's famous ABR-1 bridge

- saddle radius 12"

- mounting post spacing 74 mm – mounting post 3.97 mm (5/32")

- hard nylon off-white saddles

- bridge has a thickness of 11 mm

- saddles do not contain string slots

- equipped with string retaining wire to keep the saddles locked in place


- locked bridge increases tonal qualities ("singing sustain" and "bell tone harmonics")

- locked bridge does not wiggle and doesn't fall off the guitar when changing strings

- tight construction eliminates rattle

- saddles are solidly "engineered in", preventing "lift" against the retaining wire



off-white nylon saddles as found on some Les Pauls, SG's, some ES-types, and Epiphones from the late '50s and early '60s

less rattle, less metallic "bite", and more damped but warmer sound

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