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Graph Tech Tusq XL Nut, Fender-style, PQL-5072-00,

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Graph Tech Tusq XL Nut, Fender-style, PQL-5072-00,
curved bottom, with string grooves, 43.18 x 5.41 x 3.30 mm
- fits most 1950s, 1960s and 1970s vintage Strats and Teles
- also suitable for re-issues of the above mentioned periods
- file off spacer for a curved bottom nut slot
- E to E: 35.31 mm



If you have a Fender guitar or re-issue from the 1950's-60's or 70's, this is your nut! A 7.25" radius, work with a curved or flat bottom and permanently lubricated for great tuning stability.  It works in both a flat bottom or curved bottom nut slot due to its ingenious design, just sand off the tab for a curved bottom.

It is pre-slotted to make for a quick and easy install.


For just about all Fender electric guitars made in the 1950’s, 60’ and 70’s… that’s a lot!

The 7.25” fingerboard radius originated in the early 1950s and was used for most Fender electric instruments until the 1980s. In the 80's it was changed to a slightly flatter 9.5" radius. 


TUSQ XL is designed to boost guitar tone and performance. This precision engineered nut is made with a specially formulated material which couples the strings' vibrations to the neck and brings out the hidden harmonics and richness in every note. It is based on the highly resonant TUSQ man made ivory, but is impregnated with PTFE to improve the tuning performance of the guitar.






Measure Length Width Height E to E
inches 1.700" 0.130" 0.213" 1.390"
mm 43.18 3.30 5.41 35.31

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