Jescar - 43080-200 (small medium) - 25 Piece Set

€ 19,95 (including VAT 21%)
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Nieuw in het assortiment!
25 voorgeknipte frets in 10" radius een zakje! Genoeg om één gitaar of basgitaar mee te kunnen (her)fretten.

Jescar - 43080-200 (small medium) (resembles Dunlop 6230)

Jescar fretwire into bags containing 25 pre-cut pieces pre-radiused to 10".
Enough to (re)fret a guitar or bass.

 bags of 25 (7 cm pieces) can easily be adjusted to the exact radius that you are after (flatter or tighter) on our Taiyo Tools Fret Bender/Unbender     (Our HotRod Fret Bender is not suitable to adjust 7 cm pieces)

- All sizes listed in mm

- Best fretwire currently available in the highest quality of pure 18% nickel/silver (18% nickel/silver, 62% copper, 20% zinc - 200HV5)
- Lasts longer than any other brand on the market today!
- Very evenly formed crown and tang shape
- Easy to install and work with for builders/repairers - impeccable playbility, feel and tone for players
- Employed with Gibson, Martin, PRS, Taylor, Fender, Music Man, G&L, Aristides and almost every manufacturer, luthier and repair shop worldwide

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