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CTS mini size custom audio taper pot, 250/275 kOhm

€ 11,40 (including VAT 21%)
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Product code 302.230
Supplier product code 302.230

- CTS famous Series 450 custom audio taper (logarithmic) MINI SIZE pots

 - brass shaft (24-spline), brass bushing, carbon track

-  CTS Series 450 contain 10% higher values: 250K pot built to 275 kOhm and 500K pot built to 550 kOhm, with only 9% resistance tolerance (approx.), so pot has at least the value stated

` - higher values sound more open and fresh, add clarity and brilliance, but reduce muddiness

-  very smooth feel and accurate taper


-  to utilize your guitar's complete tonal range, you might give our oil-filled Centralab capacitors a try

-  all pots on this page are audio/logarithmic and can be used both for volume and tone

-  total bushing height (= thread height) plus shaft: 19.05 mm (3/4")

-  supplied with 2 nuts, 1 flat washer and 1 tooth washer (gold mounting hardware on request)

These are NOT the same CTS pots that other companies stock and sell. These are developed using ±9% tolerances and a value at 10% over the standard Ohms rating (275 kOhm for 250, and 550 kOhm for 500). This ensures not only optimum performance, but guarantees your potentiometers will always be at least the value stated.

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