Stratocaster pickup winding kit

€ 18,95 (including VAT 21%)
Delivery 1-2 werkdagen
Product code 270.100
Supplier product code 270.100

Includes all parts but the magnet wire, all sets are ready for winding. Kits include Alnico 5 magnets, bobbins, poll screws, slug screws, baseplate,pickup cover and coil lead wires.

Although it’s a high output single coil pickup, it doesn’t sacrifice any true single-coil tone. It yields a warm tone with a dynamic bottom and mid-range, and just enough treble to round the tone off without being too bright. The staggered Alnico 5 pole pieces coupled with 42 AWG poly coated wire offer a stronger and deeper magnetic field. Additional coil windings provide extra power, making this pickup great for a variety of music styles.

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