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Behlen/NWG translucent tobacco brown nitro guitar finish, 400ml

€ 24,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Productcode 253.031
Productcode leverancier 253.031

Behlen/NWG translucent tobacco brown nitro guitar finish, 400ml
- used for sunburst finishes
- tobacco brown is the middle layer in a 2-tone sunburst but the last one to be applied
- more layers yield a darker result

This is the same type of lacquer as used on vintage Fender and Gibson guitars which, over time, will produce an aged, tarnished look to your instrument. These are true lacquers, as used by top guitar makers since the 1950s. They dry very quickly and produce a hard glassy finish, unlike other “pre-cat” lacquers


Translucent colour lacquer with a glossy finish
400ml aerosol with eliptical nozzle
Reliable and easy to use - Aerosol produces a consistent fine spray
Each can is enough for 6-8 coats of a Telecaster sized body (depending on coat thickness) 

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