Behlen/NWG fever dream yellow nitro guitar finish, 400 ml.

€ 26,95 (including VAT 21%)
Delivery 1-2 werkdagen
Product code 253.038
Supplier product code 253.038

- mostly associated with the Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar

- Fever Dream Yellow works/shows best on closed grained woods like alder

--needs to be sprayed over a perfectly sanded body

- should a deeper glossy finish be disirable, a few layers of clear gloss (253.014) are recommended

- white primer (253.042) or gray primer (253.042) advised should you wish to affect/control the top coat (lighter or darker tinted respectively)

- fever dream yellow is a difficult finish to produce due to the availability of the proper raw materials – therefore the "hue" (shade) or "tint" might slightly differ per batch

- comes with 7-step instruction sheet (CS-014)


please note: each brand has a slightly different tint:

Guitar ReRanch, PPG and Behlen/NWG come closest to the Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar experience, patience and "explore & experiment" are required for the tint you got in mind and thus make sure you got plenty of scrapwood available


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