Z-POXY finishing resin PT-40, 2x 177 ml. (resin and hardener)

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Product code 253.221
Supplier product code 253.221

Z-POXY finishing resin PT-40, 2x 177 ml. (resin and hardener) 
• great filler and sealer
• apply as thinly as possible (across the grain) with brush
or credit card-type device
• sand with 400 grit paper
• apply 2 or 3 coats for a perfectly flat surface (last coat can
be thinned with alcohol and wiped on with a towel)
• cures in 3 hours
• can be finished with water-based finishes, shellac or nitro
• not 100% clear, leaves subtle amber tint to the colour of the wood
• comes with instructions

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