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Behlen/NWG TV Yellow nitro guitar finish, 400ml

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Behlen/NWG TV Yellow nitro guitar finish, 400 ml.

- most associated with Gibson Les Paul Juniors and Les Paul Specials
- TV Yellow works/shows best on open grained woods like mahogany, maple or ash
- although TV Yellow may appear a solid colour, it is actually slighty translucent (visible grain)
- can be sprayed over a CORRECTLY filled and prepped body (see Concise Instructions in frame)
- should a deeper glossy finish be diserable, a few layers of clear gloss are recommended
- TV Yellow is a difficult finish to produce due to the availability of the proper raw materials – therefore the "hue" (shade) or "tint" might slightly differ per batch

  • First-grade quality, made by England's best finishing manufacturer

  • Behlen/NWG nitro finishes will produce an aged, tarnished look to your guitar

  • Dries very quickly (1 hour approx.) and yield a hard finish

  • Behlen/NWG aerosols produce a consistant fine spray

  • Colour may vary depending on the number of coats applied, wood type, preperation method and your experience

  • Use only in a well ventilated area and wear breathing apparatus

  • Don't use it indoors

  • Always check color on scrapwood before use

  • Placing an Behlen/NWG aerosol in a bowl of very hot tap water for about 10 minutes, is a safe way to improve pressure and ensures a even finer spray pattern

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