ZWEIHORN Super Duroffix nitrocellulose top coat (aflak), clear gloss, NC SDF-H, 1 liter

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Nitrocellulose top coat (aflak), clear gloss

Extra info:

• top-quality nitrocellulose finish (Germany, since 1920)
• in use with many guitar makers/repairers/finishers the world over
• clear and hard, yet flexible finish
• can be sanded and polished with abrasives and buffed to
a high-gloss with an electric buffing wheel
• apply thin coats for harder and "crack-free" results
• apply thicker coats should you wish the finish to develop the
well-known nitro-cracks over time
• at any time, a new coat can be applied over the original finish
(will meld right in)
• although a true nitro finish, Zweihorn eliminated its
flammable substances
• please stir Zweihorn nitrocellulose primer thoroughly
• clear satin: usually the personal taste of the player or builder,
or use to avoid reflections when a guitar is played under the
intense lights on stage
• dust-dry: 15 minutes - grab-safe: 30 minutes - sandable: 1 hour
• please try on scrapwood first
• technical data sheet on request

• standard wood finish traditionnally used by instrument makers
• easy to use
• can easily and rapidly be repaired, even after years
• originally developed by DuPont as an automobile finish, nitrocellulose consists of a clear plastic resin
dissolved in various petroleum distillates
• nitrocellulose dries entirely by evaporation, leaving a thin flexible layer behind
• nitrocellulose requires less training than French polishing
• nitrocellulose accepts a wide variety of transparent dyes, pigments and metallic flakes (Holoflakes!)
• very suitable for touch-ups or finish-blending on high-gloss nitro finishes (low-gloss nitro finishes
are much more difficult to repair)
• nitro finishes are more resistant to body heat and scratches, although they will react to human
perspiration, rubber vinyl pads on guitar stands and vinyl guitar straps
• always wear goggles/nose-face mask or other protective equipment
• avoid inhalation, eye and skin contact
• material safety data sheet included with order

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