Allparts / Jennifer Batten String Damper, Gibson stijl kop 3x3

€ 79,00 (including VAT 21%)
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Product code 252.122
Supplier product code 252.122

De Jennifer Batten string damper voorkomt dat je de open snaren achter de topkam mee kan horen 'zingen'.
Dit model is geschikt voor de 3x3 'Gibson' stijl kop.

String Damper by Jennifer Batten - allows for cleaner and clearer playing by controlling feedback. For 3x3 headstocks. Includes 7/64 inch hex wrench and pad. Also available as AP-6721-003 for 6-in-line configuration

The Batten String Damper allows for cleaner and clearer playing by controlling feedback. Whether you're playing clean or using distortion, the Batten String Damper is essential to control your sound.

The string damper is attaches to the headstock and has an adjustable tension arm which can flip up or down for quick access to control. The damper head makes contact with the strings in the first fret position and its felt material dampens the strings to stop the open string noise. Simply flip it out of the way for open strings or harmonics.

The Allparts AP-6720-003 is for headstocks with three tuners on each side. This model makes use of an elongated washer on it's base which replaces the washers that already exist in your tuner bushings. It's held in place by the tuners' existing bushing screws. This model requires no drilling. The arm length is adjusted with a thumb screw to allow for maximum flexibility in placement.

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