Jescar 47095-EVO (medium jumbo)

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Jescar - 47095-EVO - EVO GOLD (61 cm)

1x 61cm recht stuk fretdraad
* voor een complete re-fret van een gitaar met 22 frets heb je gemiddeld 3x 61cm nodig

- All fretwires per 61 cm straight lenghts (flat radius)
- All sizes listed in mm
- Slight deviations in fret specifications, lenght, and radius may occur

- Jescar's EVO GOLD is harder than nickel/silver, but softer than stainless steel (EVO Gold can be handled with your standard fretting tools)
- EVO Gold contains no nickel
- The wire is not plated, but gold all the way through and therefor retains the gold shiny colour once the frets are dressed and/or polished
- EVO Gold feels smoother on bends
- Very evenly formed crown and tang shape - accurately dimensioned
- Employed with Gibson, Martin, PRS, Taylor, Fender, Music Man, G&L, Aristides and almost every manufacturer, luthier and repair shop worldwide

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